I'm a painter and journalist based in Boston, Massachusetts; you can reach me by sending an email to


I usually paint vessels, creatures, and places that pique my interest, under natural light. Living faces excite me more than anything, but non-human animals present a challenge, since they are hard to catch at rest – and I find it tedious to paint from photographs. Buildings and landscapes spark me to paint for reasons, sometimes anthropomorphic, that I don't always understand. I usually paint with oils on small wooden or metal panels, and the hijinks of shifting sunshine require me to work quickly.


Drawing the faces around me helped me get through tedious church services as a small child, and it's how I keep myself amused now in bus terminals and airports.

Many art teachers, over the years, helped improve my understanding of light and shadow, lines and angles. My first oil painting teacher was Eleanor Yudkoff, whom I met at the Barnsdall Arts Center in Los Angeles. Later, at Swarthmore College, I studied with Randall Exon, who encouraged my interest in representational painting, and taught me to think and paint quickly.

At Swarthmore I earned a B.A. in Studio Art, and later I earned an M.S. in Animals and Public Policy from Tufts University; I am also a journalist, with a focus on human-animal relations. You can read some of my work at Sentient Cincinnati.

A few painters I admire, whose sensibilities I'm sure have helped form my own, are Edward Hopper, Michael Sowa, and John Singer Sargent; there are many others.

My paintings have been exhibited at The Debottis Gallery in Westchester, PA; Kitao Gallery in Swarthmore, PA; Bar Luna Quinta in Lipari, Italy; The Maple Creek Artisan Center in Moscow, OH; Redtree Gallery in Cincinnati, OH; and various Cincinnati art fairs.