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New paintings for sale Saturday

From 11-5 this Saturday I'll be selling my work at the Autumn Air Art Fair, in Cincinnati's Clifton Cultural Arts Center (3711 Clifton Ave).

This is my favorite art event in Cincinnati--a sun-beamed space full of bustling energy, camraderie, and beautiful objects.

Here's the Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Autumn-Air-Art-Fair/115642025152357

Art at the X

Last month I was sorry to be in absentia for Art at the X, the annual show juried and curated by Xavier University's art department. My painting "Milford's White House" was the allegedly the littlest thing on display.

To all who came to see the show: thank you!

Thirty-artist show opens tomorrow at Red Tree Gallery

My painting "Copse at Netzendorf," of a stand of trees in northern Germany, evoked a pile of manure for one friend of mine. Maybe he's not the only one; the piece has been chosen for Red Tree Gallery's annual show opening tomorrow, Evoke III. The opening will start at 6pm, with snacks and tipples. Do come and say hello.

Where: Red Tree Gallery, 3210 Madison Rd. in Oakley (Cincinnati, OH)
Where: 6pm, Friday March 9.

Essex Studios Art Walk tonight

Three times a year, the ~100 artists of Essex Studios open their meandering hallways to the public, and tonight is the last open night this year. I'm showing there as a visiting artist, graciously invited by watercolor virtuosa Beth Golstein.

Essex is a rickety, two-story former warehouse in Corryville that's currently flowing with wine, nuts, and a wild diversity of very interesting artwork. (It's where our local kale chips are baked! And a tattoo artist is just now setting up shop.)

Autumn Air Art Fair tomorrow!

My first season-long foray into local art fairs has been blessed by some gorgeous days and encouraging sales. Tomorrow the fall's final fair (for me) will unfold from 11am-5pm in the Clifton Cultural Arts Center--a beamy, embracing space that I find hard not to elegize. This show was a terrific experience last year, marred only by my own sleeplessness and newby nerves. Wonderful artists with great quality work. Please drop by tomorrow and say hello if we haven't met! Habañero will supply its tasty burrito cart.

Four fun art shows, starting tomorrow!

I've finally wangled a "Transient Vendor's license" that'll make me an honest painter, and allow me to buy my materials wholesale... all to prepare for an upcoming onslaught of shows; please drop by any of them for a visit!

"Milford's White House" has dried!

On a toasty Saturday three weeks ago I participated the "Milford Plein Air Paint Out" and left with this painting and a spectacular sunburn.

The quiet town's historic center filled up with painters for the day, invited from far-away counties by the Ohio Plein Air Society. I plopped down on Main Street's sidewalk near the edge of town, to paint this old building with its proud name painted on a fading sign, now for lease. It had more wires, fuseboxes, windows and surprisingly-placed doors than I could include--I'd like to try and do it better justice, another time.

Today, rain or shine: Northside's Art in the Park

Hello! I have spent the past three days in a friendly but panicked print shop, slicing, gluing and stamping as I waited for my prints to emerge in small batches from moody new Canon printers. Tomorrow, for the first time, I'll sell greeting cards that feature my work, along with some small original oils, and matted prints.. The "Peccora di Colle" pictured here is from a set of four "Italy" paintings I pulled together. This little fellow/lady was only of the only subjects I've ever painted from a quick sketch.

Back at Pendleton for one last Final Friday tomorrow!

Tomorrow night from 6-10pm, I'll be back up on the 7th floor of the Pendleton Art Center, showing/selling my work and a few prints, alongside Shirley Findsen. It was great to have so many friends visit last month--I felt like a regular native. Thanks for stopping by!!

I'll be in the same place--the large entry room into which the elevator and staircase deliver visitors.

Showing at Pendleton Art Center this Final Friday!

Fellow landscape painter Shirley Findsen has kindly offered to share her space with me this Friday, on the 7th floor of the Pendleton Art Center. Over 150 artists have working studios at Pendleton, which they open for show and sale to the public on the last Friday/Saturday of each month. If you arrive looking to buy art, you may be happily surprised; because the artists sell directly, they can cut up to 50% from gallery prices.


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