Four fun art shows, starting tomorrow!

I've finally wangled a "Transient Vendor's license" that'll make me an honest painter, and allow me to buy my materials wholesale... all to prepare for an upcoming onslaught of shows; please drop by any of them for a visit!

• Tomorrow (Sept. 17) I'll be painting outdoors all day at the lovely hilltop Devou Park, as part of "Fresh Art," a day-long event culminating in an auction of wet paintings popped straight into frames, to benefit the Behringer Crawford Musem's children programs. Entry to the dinner/auction costs $65; if that's too steep for you, you might find it more fun anyway, to hike around the park while it's filled with working artists.

• Next Saturday (Sept. 24, 11am-6pm) is "Milford's 6th Annual Art Affaire, where I'll have a booth outside the elegant Promont House Museum. The museum will be free and bursting with a flower show; outside I'll be enjoying this music line-up as I peddle:
11-11:45 - Wild Carrot (contemporary folk music)
12-12:45 - Todd & Sharon Fitter (French horn & base)
1-1:45 - Moment in Thyme with Fran & Don McCoy (dulcimer & guitar)
2-2:45 - Cindy Matyi (Celtic inspired music)
3-3:45 - DeVere Burt (art presentation feauting works inspired by James Audubon)
4-4:45 - String Quartet
5-5:45 - ballet tech of ohio Ballerina's (dance)

• The following Sunday (Oct. 2) the Hyde Park Square Art Show will feature over 200 artists (and coincide with Poco a Poco's Sunday tapas brunch!), weather permitting. My booth will be a bit south of the square, on Edwards Ave. If we're lucky, the Episcopal Church of the Reedemer will also hold another "Blessing of the Animals" service on its front lawn that afternoon, just a few blocks east of the square on Erie Ave. Two years ago I attended that service and found it so moving that I turned my photos into an early Sentient Cincinnati article.

• Then on Saturday November 5 (11am-5pm), after a pause of three weeks (to report on a series of human-animal studies conferences in Europe), I'll be back for the grand, dust-motes-riding-sunbeams-filled Autumn Air Art Show, in the beautiful Clifton Cultural Arts Center. This was the first public art fair I participated in, last year, and it was a joy. A great sense of camraderie in a wonderful space.

Hope to see you soon,



Oh I wish I could be in Cincinnati for these exciting Art shows Fabien! I would love to see you capturing the feeling. wishing you the best! Deidre

I had the pleasure of meeting you at the Art Affaire at Promont on Saturday, and I was so excited when I got to purchase one of your prints. Your work is inspiring, and quite beautiful! If anyone asks about local painters, I will definitely point them in your direction! I wish you luck in the future, and hopefully I will get to see you at work when there is another Plein Air event for painters in Milford!

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