Showing at Pendleton Art Center this Final Friday!

Fellow landscape painter Shirley Findsen has kindly offered to share her space with me this Friday, on the 7th floor of the Pendleton Art Center. Over 150 artists have working studios at Pendleton, which they open for show and sale to the public on the last Friday/Saturday of each month. If you arrive looking to buy art, you may be happily surprised; because the artists sell directly, they can cut up to 50% from gallery prices.

I've been several times as a visitor, and it is a rich way to spend an evening, tripping among the old warehouse's eight stories via its rickety staircase or cargo elevator. Wine and snacks always flow, and it can be pleasure to talk to the artists about their work.

I will show as many pieces as I can hang, and am thrilled to be showing mine alongside Shirley's luminous Roadscapes, which she says "are about traveling on the edge of realism."

If you come, be sure to visit Studio 714a and say hello!

* * * * *
The Pendleton Art Center is located at 1310 Pendleton Street, between Cincinnati's downtown and Mt. Auburn neighborhoods. It opens to the public on Final Fridays from 6-10pm, and on "Second Chance Saturdays" (the morning after) from 11am-3pm.


This sounds really great. I love your work. I hope I can get there tonight.

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